Meet Kylee Kendall

In November 2020, at 41 years of age, Kylee decided she needed a new personal goal to set her own focus towards.


She had always thought about what it would take and be like to hit the stage as a Bodybuilding Athlete competitor and decided it was finally time to step outside of her own comfort zone and push herself physically and mentally to a new place.


With a game plan set, the support of a coach (Steve Kaps) and lots of hard work she took to the stage in her first-ever show in Season A of April 2021.


Competing in four different shows as a Figure Athlete over the following five weeks she exceeded her own expectations and placed mostly 1st and 2nd in each show.  Her biggest achievement that season was taking home the overall ‘Trained Figure Athlete’ physique in the NABBA Gold Coast show in May.


In this sport, there is no end! You can always aim ‘higher’ in making improvements to your physique, posing, stage presence etc and it certainly can become an addiction for some! Me included!


The following 12 months in her ‘off season’ she worked hard to increase lean muscle mass while enjoying her usual more balanced lifestyle with the goal of competing again in Season A of 2022.


Season A of April 2022  also turned out to be a successful season with Kylee’s biggest achievement winning her overall Figure Athlete Pro Card with the MS Fitness Australia Bodybuilding Federation making her a Bodybuilding Pro Card holder.


Taking your physique to the required conditioning that judges expect to see for these shows is certainly challenging and requires a tonne of discipline. You most certainly have your challenging days, where fatigue, hunger and doubt take over……however the process is otherwise invigorating when the results of your hard work show and you hit the goals you set for yourself.


This was not an easy journey for Kylee and is certainly not for everyone!  It takes a new level of mental discipline, physical assertion at times and a whole lot of consistency. 


Kylee believes however that you can achieve what you set your mind to if you want it bad enough!  Work hard, tick the boxes, make it happen.

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